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Event organised as part of the fair:

2 days of conference

18 speakers

800 participants

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The conference will provide new inspiration and expand the pool of knowledge for professionals in the recycling and materials recovery industry, and by combining it with an industry exhibition, it will allow participants to experience ‘live’ the technologies and equipment presented at the conference, showcased in the exhibition halls. During the meeting, there will be the opportunity to network with experts and industry leaders, expand practical knowledge of the latest recycling solutions and make contacts with other industry professionals. The participation of speakers from abroad will also provide insight into solutions being implemented in the European Union.

Day 1:
Overview of trends and challenges in the recycling and materials recovery industry

  • recycling policy and regulations and sustainability strategies
  • grey economy in recycling
  • Market analysis of secondary raw materials and industry forecasts
  • efficient waste management and logistics in resource recovery processes
  • use of data and analysis in recycling and recovery
  • legislation – legal challenges in the recycling industry and social dialogue
  • consumer education and awareness

Day 2:
Practical success stories in recycling and resource recovery

  • extended producer responsibility (financing)
  • the role of investors and financing in the development of recycling infrastructure
  • the market of recyclers and recovery organisations
  • the waste database in Poland – monitoring and reporting of the actual status
  • innovations in packaging recycling
  • design of products with recycling in mind
  • international cooperation in the field of recycling and material recovery
  • the role of start-ups in the recycling sector

The conference programme includes time for exhibitors to showcase their offerings so that they can promote their technological solutions, materials or services to conference attendees.

The information contained in this schedule, is subject to change as the event agenda continues to grow.